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About Cross Cancer

We are a team of experienced Health Care Professionals in the field of Oncology.

Over the years, we have seen life changing advancements in the field of cancer cure. We have seen people completely recovering from cancers that were earlier thought incurable.

But most often, the word ‘Cancer’ instills a lot of fear and anxiety amongst affected persons and their circle of loved ones. These fears and misconceptions, are major obstacles in the road to cure.

We wanted to do something to address these unfounded fears and misguided perceptions.

Yes, these issues can be addressed when in consultation with your own Oncologist. But not always the case for many people. Always there are unasked and unanswered questions when an Oncology consultation is over.

We tried to put ourselves in the shoes of those anxious families and realised something.

The few minutes available in the Consultation room may not be sufficient to ask simple questions that might be thought of as trivial.

Like, “Can I cook when taking Chemotherapy”, “Can I play with grandkids?”, “Can I take Fish?” etc.

Or questions that might require longer answers. Like “Will my kids have higher risk of Cancer?”, “Why did I get I get Cancer, when I had no risky lifestyle at all?”

So, we created this platform for you to feel free in posting your queries, at any time of the day – with complete assurance that we will answer them.


  • Trust us to guide you onto better lanes when you march against Cancer
  • Hope will never fade when you have us walking alongside in every crucial step
  • Live to your fullest -with no fears pulling you down from your path to recovery

Cross Cancer.. You can..