There is a life beyond Cancer.

Cancer does not mean feeling helpless anymore.

Cancer is being cured, day in and out.

You too, can get cured.

Every question you have about Cancer.

Answered here.

Cancer Specialist in Madurai

On the day of Cancer diagnosis..

Is it really cancer.?

Can it be cured.?

Will the treatment be uncomfortable.?

How much will it cost.?

You will have dozens of questions..

Don’t worry.. We will give you the answers..

About Diagnosis

What tests will you need.?

Which one to do first.?

How long will it take.?

About Treatment

Is Surgery or Radiation better for me.?

Will I need Chemo.?

Will there be side effects.?

About Cost

How much will it cost.?

Will Insurance help in managing costs.?

Does cost equate with quality.?

Get over the fear of Cancer

Diagnosing early is the key to achieving Cure from any Cancer. A delay of few weeks to months can let your Cancer grow and spread.

Don’t hesitate to consult a doctor if you feel your symptoms are suggestive of Cancer. With simple tests it is possible to diagnose quickly.

At Cross Cancer, you have excellent Cancer Specialist Doctors in Madurai, in Apollo Hospitals.

It is quite common to have a fear of Cancer. A hesitation that if we go to doctor, we may be diagnosed with Cancer.

But, just wishing that one does not have Cancer, instead of actually verifying it, is dangerous.

If you smell smoke or suspect fire, do you sit at the same place wishing there is no fire.?

Or do you immediately go and search, so that you can identify and put out the fire.?

Treat the fear of cancer, like fear of fire. Verify and extinguish it.

Right Treatment requires Right Team

Cancer treatment involves not just treating that big swelling you see or feel. That is only half of it.

It is equally important that you receive treatment for the Cancer that you cannot see. The cancer that won’t be picked up by any scans.

If you fail to get treated for that invisible part of the Cancer, your cancer can come back very fast, and make it difficult to be cured.

Treating this invisible Cancer requires involvement of additional methods like Chemotherapy or Radiation, apart from Surgery.

Thus, a complete treatment for your Cancer requires 3 different doctors – one for Surgery, one for Radiation, and one for Chemotherapy.

Only a team of Doctors like that will be able to recommend the full treatment, in the correct sequence.

Not everyone may require Chemotherapy or Radiation, but it is important that decision is taken by the team of Doctors, to provide you the best chance for cure.

Our Services

  • Information about your Cancer diagnosis
  • Details of different Cancer treatments
  • Plan of your treatment
  • Estimated cost for your treatment
  • Supportive Care for Cancer treatment
  • Dietary Counselling for Cancer treatment
Cancer Specialist in Madurai

Specific Cancers

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer has become the most common Cancer in women. There are many distinct types of Breast Cancer, each with different aggressiveness.

Head & Neck Cancer

Most of these tumors are related to Tobacco usage. Any painless wound in the mouth, or change in voice are important warning signs.

Stomach Cancer

Stomach Cancers are usually aggressive, and proper treatment without delay is very essential to cure the Cancer.

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